How Are They Different Tianeptine Capsules

1 Difference Between Tianaa And Za Za Tianeptine

1 Difference Between All The Tianeptine Blend Capsules

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What’s The Difference

#1 question these days is what’s the difference between Tianaa and all the other brands of blended tianeptine capsules on the market. As the popularity of the product increases the question becomes more and more prevalent so we must answer this to satisfy the curiosity. If your new to the topic and don’t know what Tianaa or tianeptine is let’s take a moment and give you a break down.

Tianaa is the first patented formula of tianeptine with other natural ingredients, people use it for many different reasons primarily for pain or anxiety. Tianeptine is a drug that comes in different chemical forms and has been used in Europe as an anti-depressant. Here is a list of the different forms that are known, learn more here – tianeptine info

  • Tianeptine Sulfate
  • Tianeptine Sodium
  • Tianeptine Acid

The Blends

Almost all the variations out there are copy cats of the original formula patented by Tianaa the list of these are as follows

  • Tianaa
  • Za Za
  • Pegasus
  • TD
  • Tia Blue

There probably many others out there I have not discovered yet but all of them have one ingredient in common and that’s tianeptine. There is also other natural ingredients found in these blends which most of them contain such as quadrangular leaf extract and piper methysticum, all of them have virtually the same ingredients so what is the difference then.

1 Difference Tianaa Capsules

The Details

After years of trials and testing I have come to the conclusion that there can only be one major difference between them all and that is the type of tianeptine used and the amount in milligrams per capsule. The formulations are all proprietary meaning the manufacturer’s do not have to disclose the amount of each ingredient used per capsule as that is considered a trade secret.

People always ask me which is stronger, which is better, which one do you use. I personally like Tianaa the most out of all of them it helps me with stress and anxiety as it does for so many. The question of which is stronger that is unknown and I’ve seen many people use all of them in rotation. Some prefer one over the rest and obviously it’s all subject to personal needs or preference.


I believe that the only differentiating variable for all of them is the amount of tianeptine used per capsule and the form of tianeptine used all of which have a significant impact on strength.

Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time. If you have information or a story to share please comment below, anyway we can help readers better understand this awesome nootropic is a good thing for everyone, understand using tianeptine comes with some risk. It can be habit forming if abused please use responsibly.

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