Good News Everyone! ACH Payments Are Enabled

Finally happy to announce a permanent option for payments for the site. I appreciate the months of patience from everyone who has had to deal with the issues relating to checkout and payments.

ACH is a safe a secure method to send payments nationwide, has been for decades and at this time is up and running. The other options are still available like venmo, zelle, and cryptocurrency.

I understand how difficult this has been for everyone looking to get CBD or Kratom products on the site. Many sites have had the same problem now for many months with no end in site. This makes it difficult for people to get what they need consistently.

So I hope this helps, at this time the ACH Echeck method is only for the states and does not work internationally, for international orders I would highly recommend cryptocurrency with your preferred wallet.

If you have questions about products, checkout and payments or anything else please reach out anytime

Store Number 818-363-8600

Store Email – [email protected]

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