Best Way To Smoke Weed 2022

Best Way To Consume Cannabis In 2022

Top Ways To Use Weed Now

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Consuming Cannabis In 2022

Hello everyone hope your having a fantastic weekend today’s episode I want to share a trending question with you one many have been asking lately. Today’s Daily Dose is sponsored by Anchor.FM an all in one podcasting platform and cannabis delivered fast SAVE 40% OFF Your Entire Purchase USE CODE: DAILY @ Checkout.

The top trending question for today happens to be one that I also get asked almost everyday at work, what is the best way for me to smoke weed. The answer isn’t that simple, I usually come back to the person and ask several questions to better understand what it is they may need from the experience itself.

Best Way To Consume Cannabis

Normally most retailers would suggest something to make a sale but that doesn’t do justice to those who may appreciate the deeper understanding of one method over another.

Depending on the person there advantages in knowing the differences in all the options available. Now more than ever there so many options available such as the most common ones joints, blunts or pipes then there bongs, vapes and edibles.

Knowing which one may be best for you requires some experimenting but also research.

Thanks for listening to today’s Daily Dose.

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