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A top trending question

Many have asked about kratom is can it help with withdrawals. The answer isn’t simple, the FDA has strict laws preventing any company’s from making claims of treating or curing Opioid Use Disorder. Yet we have had a decade of wide usage, few incidents in between and millions who have found an alternative to dangerous and illegal substances they may have preferred.

The FDA issued a warning a week ago as it sent out letters to 5 kratom brands indicating they have been caught marketing their kratom for opioid use disorder, opioid withdrawals etc. This ofcourse is indeed a big no no for the industry as a whole but every body does it to help consumers understand what the plant is. The truth is their many reasons people use kratom today, some for chronic debilitating pain some for anxiety and some for unknown reasons, bottom line there many.

I ask that law makers and those within FDA to at the least study, investigate and report the findings in it’s entirety. Theres a moral obligation to ensure fair access to plant medicines if proven to help and in this instance it has shown much more than that. I myself have helped hundreds of people maybe thousands over the decade with many circumstances these 2 mentioned above included among them. The success stories have outnumbered the negative incidents claimed over the years, yet where is the logic or will to study the facts. In the report on the FDA.gov site it had mentioned that the FDA had also received numerous reports of concerning cases surrounding kratom use with no links or further information.

Kratom Help

The Conclusion

It’s an upsetting and difficult situation, but I feel we must hold our ground today so we may have ground to stand on in the future as we build a foundation for plant medicines and their fair access. The argument is that kratom has not been evaluated nor determined to help treat/cure any diseases. What do we do when we have clearly seen millions of people who have turned their lives around using kratom, how do we present such a substantial piece of evidence to those in positions of influence to consider.

The laws in place are designed to protect us, this is a good thing, but when will the FDA and those that govern it from within have a change of heart, how much evidence is needed to change your mind. On the flip side if kratom were to be banned state by state till it’s absorbed the union then how will those people in power take responsibility for the countless deaths associated with dangerous and illegal substances that would inevitably follow.

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