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New Sobriety Device Revealed For Stoned Drivers

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As there are a growing number of users and participation rates increase across the board the Federal Government is looking at legalizing cannabis in some form. With such a change in society and the governing laws that protect it now a bigger question has arose.

The concern of stoned driving has become more of a talking point lately for law makers as we are on the brink of nationwide legalization. It’s the talk of the town almost everyday, everyday I wake up and another state is declaring to make a transition and write laws to legalize it.

So while legalizing cannabis is good another aspect is the risks associated with driving while under the influence, it’s a very difficult topic and even more so when relating it to cannabis as many would argue impairment is minimal but politicians don’t think it’s trivial at all.

In this episode of Just Talkin’ a part of Wicked Media I’m attempting to cover briefly a story surrounding the discovery of this new emerging technology to determine sobriety in stoned drivers. In the article it shares the idea behind it, who discovered it and revealed it and furthermore talks a bit in detail about how this skull cap works exactly but more importantly it tells us what it’s doing to determine impairment by scanning the brain.

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