Can Cannabis Replace Opioids

Cannabis News, Shrooms, Opioids And Tax

How Are Shrooms And Cannabis Changing Lives

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Shrooms, cannabis, opioids and taxes all in today’s episode as I unravel the news and info to discover what’s happening now.

Shrooms For Depression

The growing interest in shrooms are exciting especially with more talks of legalizing it in some fashion. The likes of soccer mom’s and regular ordinary people are using it more and more for anxiety or depression. I’ve even encouraged my wife to dabble a bit to help her own struggles.

Life is tough for sure and today’s challenges are different from a century ago. Far different, thankfully we no longer need to fight to live physically but it’s more so emotionally now. I have used psilocybin mushrooms for many years for the same reasons described,

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Hopelessness

What I gained along the way was an understanding that life is tough, it’s tough for everyone. We all cope differently, but here some things gained along the journey,

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Gratitude
  • Acceptance

Shrooms do work, it’s been my mission to share it with the world.

Cannabis Taxation

We’ve all heard about the soon to be cannabis legalization on a state by state basis. This recent one is in Minnesota, the currently the discussion is surrounding taxation, some want 8% while the Governor is pushing for 15%.

I included a short clip of the Governor’s response when asked about why he wants higher taxes on cannabis. His answer was short, didn’t make much sense either. What I drew from it was they have a target amount of $100 Million annually they want to achieve. 15% would get them there, the added costs terms of paper work and licensing was cited to be one reason. 

You may think 15% is reasonable but thats before sales tax, combined you have the perfect storm for illegal black markets to thrive. Heres more on this story 

Cannabis News Now

Opioids Replaced By Cannabis

I thought about this one for a bit, we have 10’s of millions of people using opioids. The test group of 8k in New York showed a reduction by 50% without any disclosure of how that info was obtained. The test group showed over a month of cannabis use reduced their intake of opioids.

What I’m particularly outraged about was why kratom wasn’t considered as an option for this study. When we compare the two, we know kratom works far better. We also know through the science that THC as a chemical does little for people in pain, if we account for the other cannabinoids combined we’d still be falling short in comparison.

More about this story here


Why do we need to wait for Congress to do something about our own mental health, why do we have to tax cannabis so much where it creates the perfect conditions for illegal activity to thrive and why was kratom not considered for a similar study that was conducted using medical cannabis.

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