Credit Card Company’s Shutting Us Down Again?! CBD And Kratom Under Fire Once More

Credit Card closures, It’s a sad day, if your a supporter of CBD, Kratom, Holistic Healing or Alternative Healing this is what is happening behind the scenes folks.

Sorry to say the option to pay with credit card has once more been stripped from the website, an inevitable consequence of offering CBD or Kratom to the public. There is nothing illegal about these products what so ever but some how a powerful lobbying group manages to keep everything in check.

Whats crazy about all this is that both are helping millions of people, children to adults you name it many are finding relief now. Can’t help but think in a few short years marijuana will become distributed to the masses by corporations, yes the same corporations that own everything now and by that time I’m sure Visa and the rest will be very happy to support that industry.

Meantime, presently they’re destroying everyone who started this grassroots movement from the farmers/cultivators to the distributions down to the little guys like me and other retailers.

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