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Daily Dose Of Cannabis News Now WNBA All Star Detained By Russian Authorities For Weed

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Todays top cannabis news now article is talking about a pro ball player who was detained by Russian authorities mid or late February for cannabis possession while either entering or exiting the country by airport.

Based on the article it suggests she has been held for atleast 3 weeks now and may have had more than one cannabis oil cartridge at the time.

Next I’ll share with you a tip that helps me get more per bottle of liquid kratom extract shots, we all know those can be expensive, so I decide to experiment and find a way to get more value per bottle.

Stressed out or high anxiety in this episode I’ll also share with you some natural ways if your budget permits to help alleviate some of that tension you may feel at this time some of those examples are CBD or also known as Cannabidiol a hemp derived compound that has helped millions with various ailments since it’s explosion in 2016.

All this and more in today’s episode of the Daily Dose thanks for listening.

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