Free Shipping On Orders Over $59 Every Day

Free shipping on orders $75 and above, all orders ship daily from the shop. There are several options at checkout.

If you want free shipping it’s a general turn around time of 5 to 6 business days, if you choose first class mail you can expect about 3 to 5 business days then we’ve got priority mail 2 to 3 business days. Finally the last option is the fastest available at this time. Express mail is 1 to 2 business days.

All The shipping options are live rates at checkout and are dependent on destination, once you add your address you’ll be able to see the rates populate.

Orders received before 4pm pacific time ship same day. Packages are prepped daily and dropped off at the post office by end of day 5pm pacific time. USPS begins processing packages the next morning or next business day. USPS is closed Sundays and those packages dropped off on Saturday by end of day begin processing officially on Monday morning.

Tracking numbers are emailed over when the package is complete and always require a day or two for updates.

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