What We Know About Addiction

Old Studies Show Us Addiction Is Deeply Misunderstood The Missing Link To Free Humanity From The Tether Of Addiction

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For decades we’ve been taught to avoid substances and never become an addict and yet today we have more things than ever that tether us to such a behavior like addiction but they aren’t just substances anymore.

Old studies dating back decades has shaped the opinions of professionals, leaders and even society. What If those studies were wrong and account for the missing variables that can actually show us the way to overcome substance abuse of all types.

This is Wickedsources and your listening to Just Talkin’ Podcast every week I bring you news and information around our awesome community and culture of smokers, stoners, hippies and tokers.

In this episode I’ll share some insights from a TED Talk that I found today which discusses the old studies and compares them to more recent studies link down below and I encourage you to watch it yourself.


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