What A Katom Ban Means

Kratom Ban 2023 What Happens Next

Kratom Ban 2023 And The Effect On People

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The controversial herbal supplement kratom has been the talk of the town for years, specifically it’s regulation and potential ban as more and more bad news surfaces around it’s use.

Kratom For Pain And Opioid Replacement

The use of kratom has grown in popularity as an alternative to opioids as well as for many other purposes. The main use now has been for pain relief, the science has shown how effective it is for pain management long term with far less health issues. On the flip side you have many who use it as a way to get off opioids or heroin, those numbers are far lower than those who use it for therapeutic purposes.

The benefits gained by those using it as medicine daily vary, there a few that are the most mentioned reasons for it’s use here are some of them now,

  • Pain Management
  • Energy And Focus
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Depression
  • Relaxation

These are some of the many other reasons people use kratom other than as an opioid replacement, what would a kratom ban 2023 look like?

What A Kratom Ban 2023 Means

As many of you already know we have a growing threat to our very existence, between opioids, fentanyl and over regulation people who need pain meds can’t get it, I hear this story often. People tell me “my doctor recently reduced my pain med allotment” or “my doctor cut me off completely after years”

Is this what we should do to those in need? What do we think will happen if kratom is banned state by state till no one can obtain it for these purposes? I feel the answer is quite obvious, when we have a need we fill that void with the next best thing. The black market for illicit drugs will grow as a result, the death toll may rise sharply and our society is plunged into a hell never before witnessed up to this point.

We have to be considerate towards those who use it as medicine on a daily basis, imagine the improved quality of life for those using it for pain. How will their lives be impacted if kratom just disappears one day? We should be thoughtful towards those who truly need it, over regulating it harms people, banning it harms people. The best answer is to leave it alone. Kratom ban 2023 would have lasting negative impacts on people for many years.

Kratom Ban 2023

American Kratom Association

The AKA American Kratom Association are advocates of kratom use and do what they can to educate, inform and lobby towards an all inclusive future for kratom and it’s millions of users. Today they posted a couple tweets relating to regulation in the state of Mississippi and a full on ban in Georgia. Both are days apart from each other, now is the time for you to speak up and push back. Kratom Ban 2023 doesn’t have to happen at all just speak up.

Mississippi Consumer Protection Act Bill 838

Georgia Kratom Ban Feb 13th, 2023 at 1pm


We need kratom, a kratom ban 2023 is a bad idea, think of your mothers, fathers and grandparents who use it to improve their quality of life day to day. Without it what options will they have, are you going to be ok with watching your loved ones suffer day in and day out because of ignorant politicians who know little to nothing about the circumstances regarding kratom and it’s benefits to people.

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