Kratom Helps With Alcohol Disorder Study Finds

Kratom Compound Found To Help Alcohol Use Disorder Daily Dose Podcast

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Happy Friday everyone todays Daily Dose is bringing you a short article talking about how kratom is helping yet another group of people with something very serious and it’s called AUD an issue that 14.5 million people suffer from ages 12 and up.

AUD stands for alcohol use disorder and has been a growing problem for years among young people. In this episode I’ll read to you the brief article to share what it has revealed relating to kratom, unfortunately it does not specify which alkaloid of kratom was isolated and how it was delivered to patients undergoing the study.

Towards the end I’ll share with you a case I encountered here at the shop years ago relating to AUD and how it actually worked out for that individual. Kratom has been useful for so many and it’s been remarkable in it’s effect so many across our country have self reported results that can not be ignored or denied.

With so many finding it useful and now more medical evidence suggesting other aspects of the chemical make up of kratom are also useful we can expect new developments for treatment and perhaps even turn the tide on a growing narrative that kratom is bad, or kratom is not safe nor useful as some medical professionals have stated.

All this and more in todays episode thanks for listening to The Daily Dose

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