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Welcome back everyone,

Most don’t know or understand exactly why kratom has been an issue in our country for years now, the reality in today’s episode is that the FDA and it’s perspective is flawed in the stance it has taken with kratom. An herbal supplement used for energy and for others pain management, the plant comes from Indonesia specifically a place called Borneo an area of the country that it’s grown for a long time.

The Ban

There are more states or cities/county’s that have banned it and continue to push for a stricter control on it’s use, many don’t know but it has gone as far as credit card company’s, like the one in your wallet (Visa, MC, Amex) etc have also banned anyone in the business of this plant substance effectively controlling how you can purchase, pay and obtain it.

Though there many more states that have had a more lenient approach I have an example of a recent announcement from Parish, Louisiana where they have determined it was in their best interest to ban it.

It comes a year or two after a young man in his late 20’s was found dead from an overdose, in his possession was some plant extract, the detectives are still investigating the death.

Kratom News Now

At the same time we also have states like Wisconsin who banned in 2014 reversing years later as their own Chair of Controlled Substance Board Member has claimed to want to study it further while working on pealing back a decades old piece of legislation.

All this shows us that it’s misunderstood, now in this episode I make a relative comparison between this plant and cannabis both being plants and both having some of the same hurdle of dosing.

This is where I take the position that it is being targeted differently though cannabis has gone through decades of prohibition it doesn’t mean we should pursue the same outcome for this plant based on fear.

Let me say this cannabis for a long time even under legal frameworks was never targeted by the FDA the way Mitragyna Speciosa has been and when you compare the two based on the face value of the FDA’s position then we can conclude that yes both can be considered inconsistent terms of proper dosing for an individual.

Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time, every week I discuss topics I care about hopefully you find them of value as well. All the news and info are pulled from various sources and linked here for you to do your own research. When we are equipped with the right info we can make better informed decisions.

Understand that using kratom responsibly offers benefits and can help you avoid any negative reactions. Much of the information provided these days are click bait in headlines from publications looking to just post anything about anything. It makes it that much more important to research, read and make an informed decision based on your own findings.

Using this plant has it’s risks when abused as many of you may have discovered either by trial or by research. Respect the plant and you’ll never experience the horror stories people discuss commonly in online threads.

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Every week I cover stories I care about from cannabis to kratom and all kinds of plant medicines, hopefully you find them of value as well.

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All the info and articles are pulled from various sources all linked above for you to your own research.

The Goal

It’s to educate and to inform, when we are equipped with the correct info we can then make better informed decisions.

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