Kratoms Fate The Future Of Our Country And The Aftermath Of Prohibition

Kratoms future, I want to talk a little about what may or may not occur if this plant gets banned.

For those of you just finding out about kratom, a plant closely related to coffee, it has been helping millions of Americans over the years find an alternative for relief of all sorts.

What kind of relief? well it’s been said by many if used responsibly you can find short term and long term pain management, anxiety relief, stress relief and ofcourse energy and focus depending what you are seeking.

Now The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has deemed kratom unfit for human consumption and has restricted what can be said about it’s potential uses.

To keep this post short simply, if banned not only will there be major push back by the people but more so we will begin to see a black market arise for research chemicals, illicit drugs, heroin and synthetic opiods and much more. Prohibition doesn’t work, for nearly a century we have been oppressed and under educated about natural resources including plant healing.

Marijuana is just one example that is in main stream now, but not too long ago it wasn’t and had been oppressed by powerful groups for a long time, a plant folks, a plant…

So, if a ban on kratom is to proceed the likely hood of illegal markets such as illicit drugs (heroin laced with fentynol), drug trafficking, more black market pharma drugs and potentially more deaths will probably rise creating another national epidemic. 

Be part of the solution and call your congressman today! Lets save lives.

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