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Health The Potential of Plant Medicines

Health And Plant Medicines

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Mental Health

A key congressional committee met on Tuesday to consider more than 1,200 amendments to a large-scale defense bill, including about a dozen measure related to marijuana and psychedelics. Several of those major proposed drug policy reforms have now been cleared for votes on the House floor this week. These changes in the law can bring several new options to service members in need.

As mentioned in the clip the pilot program included members who were considered high risk to themselves or others due to PTSD or other mental illnesses associated with combat. This step forward would allow our men and women more access to these new treatments.

Health Plant Medicines

Plant Medicines

If your wondering what treatments I’m referring to I am talking about psilocybin, MDMA, Ketamine, Ayahuasca and more. Over the years few leaned in but as time has passed and the emerging evidence suggests people are healing deep traumas using these methods that now the subject has made it all the way to the House of Representatives. The future of plant medicines looks promising as law makers finally take it a bit more seriously.

As we dive in deeper theres a clip of Star Talk and the host is Neil Degrasse Tyson the famous astrophysicist. Neil and his guest Staci Gruber discussed the high likely hood of more plants with chemical properties that can either help medically or in short can get you high. Either way the point that was made is plant medicines infinite potential for helping us is immeasurable.

Checkout the article here: Infinite Possibilities

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