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Payment problems and how to checkout,

it has come to my attention that a great many of you have been trying to checkout but having difficulty. I am very sorry for these strict payment settings. Today I made some adjustments to these settings to be a bit easier for everyone.

So here is the updated information on payment, checkout and shipping.

  • Billing Addresses are default shipping no exceptions
  • Payments that do not meet certain SECURITY requirements will be reviewed by me and canceled accordingly
  • For Less Hassle – Always use a credit/debit card where the billing is the same as the shipping on record with the card issuer

SHIPPING is always going to require ADULT SIGNATURE upon delivery. This is also necessary for us to sell what we do.

The alternative is collecting everyone picture ID and try to keep it safe some where, which in my opinion is a bad idea and why I prefer just to get adult signatures upon delivery, it’s less invasive and far less dangerous. We take your privacy seriously and don’t want to risk a data breach of our customers picture IDs which these days isn’t that crazy.

Thank you for reading I hope this helps shed some light on this matter and if you need further assistance with checkout in the future please dont hesitate, I will do what I can to help within the parameters that are available to me.

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