Happy 420 The Daily Dose April 20th 2022

The 420 Tradition Of Puff Puff Pass Is Today Gatherings Allowed For The First Time Since 2020

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Hello everyone hope your having a fantastic day. It is that day of the year again which we all anticipate Happy 420 everyone.

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In today’s episode I want to wish everyone a happy 420 either spent today or this weekend, I discuss how much we’ve missed in these passed two years. We didn’t just miss major holidays like thanksgiving with loved ones but we also missed Christmas including our beloved 420 gatherings which we all look forward to year after year.

420 the day itself brings huge discounts from all types of vendors in the space and attracts thousands of people as they flock to the local dispensaries to stock up on all the goodies they can. The specific part of this month also hosts some of the largest festivals where hundreds of thousands gather to enjoy the various arts and activities available among all that is ofcourse cannabis.

All in all we should gather and spark one for the sake of being united once more whether under a dry, hot tent in the desert or next to the BBQ in the backyard this blunt is for anyone who misses a smoking buddy.

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