Kratom Questions

Top 3 Questions People Ask About Kratom

Top 3 Kratom Questions Answered

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Top 3 Kratom Questions

Naturally there many questions that come up when someone discovers kratom, what is it, how does it work, what can it do for me but in today’s episode the top 3 questions asked are more relevant today then ever before. People use kratom for many different reasons, such as pain relief or as a mood enhancer. You name it and good chance it could be helpful for that.

The Benefit

Yes, millions have reported over the years the many benefits gained from using this plant based substance, it’s uses vary greatly but non-the less the benefits out weigh the concerns that come up again and again. From pain relief to depression the uses and the quantified benefits are stacking high though many people from the outside only see the potential for abuse while disregarding the obvious. It is beneficial for people, it’s helped millions so far and can continue to help millions more. The information is out there for you to discover now why so many are talking about kratom today.

Kratom Dependence

There have been discussions around this even the FDA has cited concerns over abuse and the potential for harm as some may use it more than directed. Like anything people have the tendency to over use everything in their path. If it feels good or brings you joy you may want to use it more but more isn’t always better. If you have researched kratom use, dependency and withdrawals you’ll find so much info out there, some good and some bad. So let me clear some of the mis-information surrounding kratom.

I have spent years learning about this plant, I even wondered if the substance itself is habit forming by nature. My conclusion was simply that habits are formed by people’s desire not the substance itself. As I mentioned above when you like using something you may use it too much which can lead down a path of destruction.

The bottom line, kratom is safe and most certainly non habit forming when used responsibly. It’s up to you to decide how to use it, if abused it most certainly will become habit forming because you are seeking that stimulation more and more. Choose to use it for it’s intended purpose and you’ll find it to be effective as well as beneficial. Go beyond that and you will experience the associated symptoms mentioned below.

Top 3 Kratom Questions Answered

Withdrawals From Kratom

There was a comment in one of my uploads where someone felt as if all advocates are lying about kratom. They said “everyone makes kratom out to be safe, non habit forming with no withdrawals” etc, though they never mentioned who was making these claims it was clear he or she was venting their frustrations. If you research it you’ll see for yourself many people have positive things to say about kratom and on the other hand you’ll also notice many people have negative things to say about it too.

Sure there is a reddit thread dedicated to kicking kratom, all individuals who once used kratom for it’s benefits but then took it too far. There is most certainly symptoms when kratom is abused they can be flu like symptoms, aches and pains, RLS (restless leg syndrome) which is also associated with opioid abuse. Then we have symptoms such as sleeplessness and mood changes or depression. These typically occur in people who abuse it.

Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time.

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