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Hello everyone HAPPY 420, the first 420 we are allowed to once again gather with loved ones and puff puff pass some of our favorite bud or extracts. Every 420 brings us such incredible discounts on cannabis. Today I want to share with you my favorite cannabis delivery service so you can get weed delivered fast. cannabis delivery made simple and it’s FAST at your door in 45 minutes or less. Discover the vast catalog hosted by Grassdoor all sourced directly from licensed dispensaries. Find flower, edibles, carts and pods to concentrates for dabbing, find it all here in one place for weed delivered near you now. 

Big Discounts

Get 40% OFF your first order and another 20% OFF your second order. Grassdoor makes it easy to order every day

Fast & Reliable

Orders typically delivered within 45 minutes or less, drivers are professional and courteous

Great support

Find help when you need it, they’re fast customer service can help answer any questions you may have

Ordering is simple and you can even pay with your debit/credit card unlike some physical shops. Right now you can save big on your first and second order! All you’ll need to do is use the code below at checkout, the second time you order you wont need a code at all and will save big each time.

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Weed Delivered Near Me
Weed Delivered Near Me 40% OFF Grassdoor 7

Lets face it, summer is around the corner and temperatures are going to rise dramatically. When it get’s unbearable no one really wants to go out unless they have to. This instance would typically warrant the trip because it’s cannabis, but now you don’t have to go out in the blistering heat or the uncomfortable cold during winter.

All you have to do is lift a finger literally and you can get all your cannabis needs from one place. Discover why Grassdoor has been the number one delivery service for all cannabis products today, you won’t be disappointed, weed delivered is just the next step to simplifying your day.

Weed delivered to your door is quite literally the best thing since uber food deliveries. Try it today!

Cannabis Flower
Weed Delivered Near Me 40% OFF Grassdoor 8
Cannabis Edibles
Weed Delivered Near Me 40% OFF Grassdoor 9
Cannabis Vape Pods
Weed Delivered Near Me 40% OFF Grassdoor 10
Cannabis Carts
Weed Delivered Near Me 40% OFF Grassdoor 11
Cannabis Concentrates
Weed Delivered Near Me 40% OFF Grassdoor 12

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Is Grassdoor a dispensary?

No, they are a delivery service partnered with licensed shops.

Will I need to submit my ID for delivery?

Yes, you maybe asked to provide it at checkout or at the time of delivery to the driver.

How fast will my order arrive?

Orders typically arrive within 45 minutes but some times can take longer depending on demand.

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