The Daily Dose Cannabis News Now May 4th 2022

Dive Into The Growing Trend Of Nootropics Today’s Daily Dose

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Welcome back every one today we have plenty happening in cannabis and some positive developments with kratom plus we’ll dive into the growing popularity of nootropics. As I go through rapid fire news there wasn’t anything that stood out as very important. Most notable I suppose was the truck chase with cannabis falling out of the back here in California last night some time.

Crazy to think that stuff like that is happening wouldn’t you agree in a split second Congress can legalize it and make it safer under the law but there still illegal grows and the black market to contend with even after some thing like that happened. One of the headlines spoke of reaching a conclusion on legalization but I’ve seen articles saying that for months so it’s hard to tell when or what it’ll look like.

Funny enough we are all super excited about the prospect of legalization but I came across another piece talking about 4 cities in Colorado refusing to allow cannabis businesses into their community. Could it be the crime currently associated with it as I described above which happened last night here in California, I honestly don’t know.

Now on to the main point of today’s episode I’ve seen a growing interest in nootropics over the last 2 years,  I’ve carried nootropics for years and few knew about it, but it’s adoption and acceptance is an interesting insight as I continue to observe the space inside out.

I’ll talk alittle about what it is, whether it’s safe and what the internet has to say about it including the NIH (National Institute for Health)

Thanks for listening to today’s episode I appreciate you.

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