What Is Cannabis Use Disorder1

What Is Cannabis Use Disorder And Who Has It

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Today’s news feed provided this study on cannabis users for medicine and it’s revealed us of the term cannabis use disorder, the article outlines data from 2021 and shows us a few details relating to those suffering from it and why.

Many people use cannabis for different reasons, under the medical laws as the article notes the cannabis doctors are eager to write scripts for almost any condition from depression to anxiety you name it. It’s not to say people don’t actually need it for the claims or symptoms they struggle with but it is to show that often times people seeking out medicinal cannabis do not actually get the relief they seek, this idea shared by the study provided by CNN is likely only looking at a small test group of individuals.

The reality is that cannabis for medicine is common has been for a long time, people do find relief from it’s use and are able to improve their quality of life in some manner. The over use of cannabis as the article suggests that leads to cannabis use disorder requires more study as individual use cases may show vast differences between the behavior of users day in and day out.

Among those suffering from bipolar disease or depression the number of users of cannabis showed these individuals are at higher risk of self harm or suicide.

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