What Is Tianeptine Uses And Effects

What Is Tianeptine Understanding The Use And Effects Explained

What Is Tianeptine

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What Is Tianeptine and how is it used. Today I’m going to answer a question that has been on the rise what is tianeptine, while I’m at it I’ll talk about it’s uses, different forms and some of the side effects. You may have heard of the products such as tianaa, za za red and some others like pegasus or tia blue all of which have proprietary blends of all natural ingredients with an unknown amount of tianeptine.

What Is Tianeptine And The Uses

Tianeptine as a drug is found in several prescription medication like stablon or coaxil, the drug is an atypical antidepressant which is used mainly in the treatment of major depressive disorders, it’s also been used to treat anxiety, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.

When taken in doses over 100am, tianeptine can create a euphoria similar to opioid drugs, the typical therapeutic dose as  prescribed in some countries ranges from 25mg to 30mg, at these levels it does not produce any euphoria according to studies

What Is Tianeptine And How It Works

The way it works based on current research is that it produces it’s antidepressant effects through the modulation of glutamate receptor activity and effect the release of brain derived neuorotrophic factor which impacts neural plasticity there are different kinds of tianeptine Tianeptine is usually packaged as a sodium salt but can also be found as tianeptine sulfate, a slower-releasing formulation patented by Janssen in 2012. who is Janssen you say Janssen is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Belgium, and wholly-owned by Johnson & Johnson.

It’s development spanned many years but was halted due to low demand and low profitability by 2009. It was also noted that in large doses it has the potential for abuse and in low doses to be safe. Average dose is 10mg – 15mg 3 times a day and is considered low, when used appropriately it helps treat severe depression among other things. It’s safe to say you should be responsible if your considering any tianeptine product.

What Is Tianeptine

Tianeptine Types

  • Tianeptine Salt (Shorter Half Life)
  • Tianeptine Acid (Faster Absorption)
  • Tianeptine Sulfate (Longer Lasting)

Dosage And Delivery

  • 10mg – 15mg Low
  • 20mg – 30mg Mid
  • 50mg – 100mg High
  • Powder Form Or Capsule Form

Reported Side Effects From Prolonged Use

  • nausea
  • constipation
  • abdominal pain 
  • headache
  • dizziness

Its currently not approved by the FDA for any medical use however there many people discovering it and finding it works for them. There are also a great many people who may use it recreationally as well but all in all it’s legal for now in most states minus a few such as Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee

If you look online you’ll see a ton of positive reviews and a ton of negative reviews, people who love it say it works when used correctly then the people who hate it say they used it too much and have associated struggles with it’s use.

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