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Pay with Bill Pay via Debit/Credit Cards

This is a straight forward process, just know that your billing information will be screened with your bank to ensure it matches all relevant data before the payment can be accepted. This process is typical for eliminating fraud and helps to protect your card data in case your card was lost or stolen. Remember the site and checkout is protected by top notch security software so you never have to worry about safety when submitting your card info.

Debit/Credit Cards also have a feature where you can enroll in a subscription, if you have something you like and want it weekly or biweekly you can sign up for that. All you need to do is contact me to arrange the details of what you want and when, I’ll take care of the rest from there.

  • You can choose the items
  • The frequency (how often you want an order shipped out)
  • What day of the month you want to be charged specifically
  • Plus we can cancel any time with a written email to me requesting a cancellation (must be 7 days prior to next order)

Your statement will show the charge as: MIND & BODY SOLUTIONS or THE DAILY DOSE

Expect an email from me confirming your order and payment, I’ll also provide updates on what to expect next.

Pay with eCheck (Bank Payments)


Your Bank Statement Will Show You Were Charged By: MIND & BODY SOLUTIONS LLC


Simple way to pay and it’s integrated into the site just enter your bank info, complete age verification and your order and payment will be processed.

This payment option has restrictions on order amounts and shipping fulfillment time frames.

If you use this option expect to wait 3 business days after payment has cleared for your order to ship, this will only be for the First 5 Orders as you establish some history and is solely determined by me at my discretion.

If I feel comfortable with you then after that trial period your orders will ship same day or next day if your payments haven’t had any issues with previous orders.

Strict filters and fraud prevention tools have been enabled as well for every transaction. Some payments may get rejected so I apologize in advance.

When your order and payment is received I’ll email you right away to confirm.

Pay Another Way:

If you have another way you prefer to pay, reach out and let me know what you prefer and I can make it happen for you if I’m able to do so.


Are the payment options available safe and secure?

Yes, absolutely they are, the first option at the top is Debit/Credit payments. These payments are secure and none of your info is actually shared or stored on the site. Seamless Chex is the institution used to power these payments.

Who can I speak with if I have questions or concerns about paying?

You can reach out day or night and you can expect a response right away. Whatever your apprehension maybe it’s understandable so don’t hesitate just call or email me.

What will my statement show the charge by?

Your statement will show the charge as MIND & BODY SOLUTIONS LLC or THE DAILY DOSE

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