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CBD | An Intro To Alternative Treatments

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So You May Have Heard A Thing Or Two About CBD As More People Discover It.

Today I want To Share with You Some Stories I Personally Have Experienced Here at The shop.

I Get A Lot Of People Now More Than Ever Walking Into The Shop Inquiring About CBD And Other Hemp CBD Products. Going Back To 2013 – 2014 When I Started Experimenting With CBD Very Few Even Knew What It Was Then.

The Inquiries Of Today Are More From Chronic Pain Or Anxiety Sufferers And Of Those I Get Quite Many Who Want To Replace Their Prescribed Medication

Truth… If You Are Suffering Long Term Your Primary Care Giver May Not Be Able To Help You, Many Who I Have Served These Past Years Have Told Me Their Medications Have Been Reduced Or Eliminated.

Truth… CBD Is A Natural Compound That Promotes Positive Health Benefits In The Short Term And The Long Term

Truth… Can It Kill Pain Like Prescription Meds, Often Times No, That Specific Receptor In The Brain For Opiates Are Different Than The CB1 And CB2 Receptors That CBD Stimulates.

But… It Can Help Reduce Pain Depending On What And Where.

I Have Helped Thousands Of People Discover CBD And Its Benefits Since The Summer Of 2013

Most Frequent Question Lately Is Can It Kill Pain For Surgery Related Pain Where Either Bones Have Been Broken Etc

Answer, Most Likely No Especially If You Are Already Used To Taking Prescribed Pain Killers.

CBD Promotes And Optimizes The Body For A Healthier Lifestyle In General. Life Can Be Tough, So Many Ups And Downs…

Dont Wait To Get Sick To Discover CBD

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