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Psychedelic Bill Vetoed California News Now

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Psychedelic Bill California Law

Introduction Of The Psychedelic Bill

California, known for its progressive stance on various social and cultural issues, recently found itself at a crossroads when Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill aimed at decriminalizing the possession and personal use of hallucinogens.

This decision has sparked debates and discussions across the state, as it has implications not only for California but also for the broader conversation surrounding psychedelics and their therapeutic potential.

The Veto Decision

In a statement, Governor Newsom expressed his reservations about the bill, highlighting the need for regulated treatment guidelines, therapeutic guidelines, and rules to prevent exploitation during guided treatments. He argued that decriminalizing possession should only occur after these guidelines are firmly in place. This decision has left many wondering about the future of psychedelics in California.

Psychedelic Bill Destroyed By Governor Newsom News Today

The Current Landscape Psychedelic Bill

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in psychedelics as an alternative approach to treating various mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and treatment-resistant depression.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recognized psilocybin as a “breakthrough therapy” for treatment-resistant depression in 2019. Moreover, the draft guidelines published by the FDA on using psychedelics in clinical trials have further highlighted their therapeutic potential.

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Supporters and Opponents

Supporters of the vetoed legislation include veterans who have attested to the benefits of psychedelics in treating trauma and other illnesses. Joe McKay, a retired New York City firefighter who responded to the 9/11 attacks, stated, “Psilocybin gave me my life back.”

On the other hand, opponents argue that the long-term benefits and risks of these substances are still largely unknown. Concerns have been raised about potential increases in crime, although studies have shown that decriminalization does not necessarily lead to higher crime rates.

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The Role of Scientific Research

Scientific research has played a pivotal role in reshaping public opinion on psychedelics. While these substances were once associated with the counterculture of the 1960s, they are now seen as promising tools for mental health treatment.

Research has shown that controlled and guided use of psychedelics can have profound positive effects on individuals suffering from various mental health conditions.

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The California Coalition for Psychedelic Safety and Education

This coalition, which opposed the vetoed bill, emphasizes the importance of safety protocols, public education campaigns, and emergency response procedures. They argue that these safeguards are necessary to ensure the responsible use of psychedelics in California.

Senator Scott Wiener’s Perspective

Senator Scott Wiener, the author of the vetoed bill, views the veto as a missed opportunity for California to lead the nation in adopting a more progressive stance on psychedelics. He believes that criminalizing access to these substances makes people less safe and reduces access to therapeutic help.

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Possibilities for the Future

Despite the setback of the veto, Senator Wiener has expressed his intention to introduce new legislation in the future. His previous attempts to decriminalize the use and possession of other substances like LSD and MDMA demonstrate his commitment to this cause.

The National and Global Perspective

California is not the only state exploring the decriminalization of psychedelics. Oregon and Colorado have already taken steps in this direction, and other states may follow suit. Additionally, the global perspective on psychedelics is shifting, with countries like Canada and the Netherlands exploring their therapeutic potential.

The Path Forward for California

While Governor Newsom’s decision has put a temporary halt to decriminalization efforts, advocates are not giving up. Initiatives are in motion to potentially place measures related to psychedelic use on the November 2024 ballot. These initiatives could pave the way for a new chapter in California’s approach to psychedelics.


Governor Newsom’s veto of the bill aimed at decriminalizing hallucinogens in California has ignited a contentious debate that goes beyond state borders. While it has temporarily halted progress in this area, the potential for change remains.

As scientific research continues to shed light on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics and public opinion evolves, California may find itself revisiting this issue in the near future.

The veto has sparked conversations about the balance between individual freedom and the need for safeguards, making it a pivotal moment in the ongoing discourse surrounding psychedelics and their place in modern society.


What was the bill that Governor Newsom vetoed?

Governor Newsom vetoed a bill aimed at decriminalizing the possession and personal use of hallucinogens, including psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin, DMT, and mescaline, for individuals aged 21 and older.

What were the reasons behind the veto decision?

Governor Newsom cited the need for regulated treatment guidelines, dosing information, therapeutic protocols, and rules to prevent exploitation during guided treatments as reasons for the veto. He believed that decriminalization should occur after these guidelines are established.

How has scientific research influenced the perception of psychedelics?

Scientific research has played a significant role in shifting public opinion on psychedelics. Studies have demonstrated their therapeutic potential in treating mental health conditions such as PTSD and treatment-resistant depression, leading to increased interest and support.

What are the arguments of supporters and opponents of the bill?

Supporters highlight the benefits of psychedelics in treating trauma and other illnesses, emphasizing their potential to improve lives. Opponents express concerns about the unknown long-term effects of these substances and fear potential increases in crime.

What is the California Coalition for Psychedelic Safety and Education advocating for?

This coalition emphasizes the importance of safety protocols, public education campaigns, and emergency response procedures to ensure the responsible use of psychedelics in California.

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