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Try The Muscle And Joint Rub Containing Cibidinol!

Cibidinol is the result of a proprietary formulation and manufacturing process that enhances the bioavailability of CBD. The CBD molecule is attached to a water dispersible carrier that enhances absorption through the skin, mucosa, and gut.

It also enables administration through patient-friendly dosage forms such as capsules, drops, creams, and drinks. Xceptol CBD Cream has been the best topical application compared to leading brands because of the Cibidinol delivery method. This is why it is the best CBD cream available any where hands down.

  • Predictable potency
  • Reduced dosage requirements
  • Wider variety of dosage forms and routes of delivery

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant. It is an oil soluble molecule that is known to mitigate inflammation without delivering the ‘high’ produced by its cannabinoid cousin THC. The literature does talk about CBD’s systemic role of softening or counter balancing the effects of THC in the user.

Research based evidence is enjoying a rebirth around the marijuana plant as it has long been known (or suspected) of producing positive neurological effects to patients suffering from such discomfort.

Conditions like seizure disorders, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, arthritis, PTSD, anxiety and others are all undergoing vigorous study to determine the targeted benefits of CBD

Cibidinol Is Better Making It The Top CBD Cream

Xceptol created a patent pending process that involves attaching the oil soluble CBD molecule to a water soluble (or water dispersible) carrier to produce an enhanced level of performance to the guest molecule.

Cibidinol is the result of this research and the resulting products’ topical performance has been laboratory tested with results showing much greater amounts of penetration when compared to the ubiquitous CBD Oil on the market today.

Cibidinol provides delivery, enhanced activity and a magnified ability to get much more benefit from much less CBD keeping costs down and manageable. The creams and lotions presented at this time have been formulated by cosmetic research chemists with over 60 years of experience. The lotions are elegant, skin healthy, effective and affordable.

Top CBD Cream In 2023


Xceptol was born as something of a perfect storm. Owner Mark has suffered from chronic pain for nearly 40 years now. The price of medicine has skyrocketed while the wealth to big pharma (and the government officials they pay) has risen off the charts. Ultimately the lack of therapeutic alternatives most beneficial to the patient created the platform to form Xceptol.

We believe strongly in ‘first do no harm’. Harsh, side effect laden medicines that often lead to multiple therapies do harm. Skyrocketing drug prices and increasingly expensive insurance premiums do harm.

We seek to improve quality of life, help patients learn and understand alternative treatment options and responsibly provide those treatments so the patient can afford them and gain a measure of control over their own state of health.

Xceptol’s mission is to continue utilizing our Cibidinol technology and to continue to develop new technology to provide specific treatments for a variety of maladies in formats that don’t compromise the patient while providing relief and curative benefits that are positive for overall quality of life. 

Try The Best Pain Relief Cream Ever

You have officially discovered the best CBD cream around Xceptol CBD Cream delivers near instant relief so If You Have Questions I’m Always Happy To Answer Them Face To Face Or Over The Phone So Please Don’t Hesitate.


What is Cibidinol, and how does it enhance the performance of Xceptol CBD Cream?

Cibidinol is the result of a proprietary formulation and manufacturing process that enhances the bioavailability of CBD. The CBD molecule is attached to a water dispersible carrier, which allows for better absorption through the skin, mucosa, and gut. This innovative delivery method enhances the performance of Xceptol CBD Cream, making it more effective compared to leading brands.

What is CBD, and how does it work?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. It is an oil-soluble molecule known for its anti-inflammatory properties without the psychoactive effects associated with THC, another cannabinoid. Research suggests that CBD may counterbalance the effects of THC and has shown promise in various medical conditions, including seizure disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, and more.

How is Xceptol different from other CBD products on the market?

Xceptol’s unique feature lies in its use of Cibidinol technology. This technology enhances CBD’s absorption and effectiveness, allowing for greater benefits with reduced CBD dosage. Laboratory tests have demonstrated significantly higher penetration when compared to conventional CBD oil. Xceptol’s creams and lotions are carefully formulated by cosmetic research chemists with extensive experience, making them elegant, effective, and affordable.

Who is Xceptol, and what is their mission?

Xceptol was founded by Mark, who has experienced chronic pain for nearly four decades. Frustrated by skyrocketing medication prices and the lack of therapeutic alternatives, Xceptol was created with the aim of improving the quality of life for patients. Xceptol’s mission is to provide alternative treatment options that are affordable and effective, utilizing Cibidinol technology and developing new technologies for various medical conditions. The goal is to offer treatments that enhance overall quality of life while minimizing side effects.

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