California Lockdowns Phase 2

California Moves To Phase 2 Retail Reopen

California Phase 2 Information


As the state defines the guidelines for reopening many of us are waiting impatiently, this is great news and many of us are eager to continue our operations. It’s been a difficult road for many and even tougher for small businesses. 

California Phase 2 Reopening

The criteria for reopening has some basic and common sense guidelines for us to follow here they are as follows;

  • Mask a must
  • One person inside at a time
  • Everything to be sanitized after every visit
  • No touching of merchandise
  • Must be zero symptoms to enter

This was some of the things they wanted us to follow and enforce in this phase 2 of reopening, at this point anything is better than nothing. After months of lockdown this is refreshing and encouraging. We still have to wait and see how it progresses as we were informed that any changes in the data of transmissions would lead back to stricter guidelines.

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California Reopens

After months of news and info we still don’t know enough about the severity of this virus, though the government has done what it can to minimize the damage of transmission people are still getting sick regardless.

It begs the question on whether or not the lockdowns were even necessary, based on early info released the lockdown was supposed to do a few things, slow down the spread, minimize the spread and allow hospitals to prepare for high volumes of visits.

Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time.


What are the guidelines for California’s Phase 2 reopening?

In Phase 2 of California’s reopening, the guidelines include:
Mandatory mask usage.
Limiting the number of people inside businesses to one at a time.
Thorough sanitization after each customer visit.
No touching of merchandise by customers.
Strict entry criteria requiring individuals to be symptom-free.

How have small businesses been impacted by the lockdown?

Small businesses have been significantly impacted by the lockdown. Many have faced financial hardships, temporary closures, and reduced customer traffic. The lockdown measures have posed immense challenges to their operations and sustainability.

What were the objectives of the lockdown measures, and were they effective?

The objectives of the lockdown measures included slowing down the spread of the virus, minimizing transmission, and allowing hospitals to prepare for potential surges in COVID-19 cases. While these objectives had varying degrees of success, the effectiveness of the lockdowns remains a subject of ongoing debate.

What factors may lead to a return to stricter guidelines in Phase 2?

A return to stricter guidelines in Phase 2 may be prompted by changes in data related to virus transmission. If there is a significant increase in cases, hospitalizations, or other critical indicators, authorities may implement stricter measures to control the spread of the virus and protect public health.

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