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THC Carts And Teen Use Cannabis News Now

THC Carts have been the number one method for cannabis use over the years. It’s convenience and the strength or potency is sought after. Learn more about this piece of news and watch the episode below.

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Why The Lies

The news covers these stories but buries the truths at the bottom regarding these THC carts. In this piece of news the story is portrayed as teens using flavored vapes suggesting that the highly regulated vape industry is flooding the streets with contaminated vapes. The reality is that’s what they want you to believe, the truth which is written at the bottom of the article clearly states the origin of the issue.

Yes teens are using vapes at an accelerated pace, yes we should educate and prevent the use of these products to underage children. It’s important to note that there is a huge black market for THC vapes especially as prices soar due to high taxes on cannabis. The flood spills into non legal states in much higher quantities as those buyers will pay more for them. Inevitably kids who are underage are going to purchase them as well.

THC Carts

The Truth

Though young people are using these products they are primarily in non legal states and do not have the same safe guards as legal states. The black market for cannabis is massive and has no regulation. In order to keep kids away from the potentially dangerous vape carts perhaps we need to understand that kids will always get their hands on virtually anything they seek. Shielding them from using may not be the answer, educating them on how these things work, the dangers of street purchased substances and more may return better results.

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