Cannabis News Today October 29th 2022

Cannabis News Today: Delta 8 And Middle School Students

Cannabis News Today

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Cannabis News Today top headline of the day is student’s at a middle school in Virginia state get super baked on Delta 8 Edibles hospitalizing one. 

Here are some of the details of this story along with my 2 cents on the matter. Fairfax County Fire and Rescue and police officers were called to the school in Clifton shortly after 12:30 p.m. Thursday. 7 students were identified to be under the influence as they exhibited symptoms from their use of Delta 8 THC gummies.

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Symptoms included dizziness, vomiting and slurred speech. One child was hospitalized and the rest discharged to their parents or guardians. This brings up the obvious, even with restrictions in place like age limits for all kinds of substances alcohol included underage kids still get their hands on them. Why is it we don’t see that age limits work to a degree but something greater needs to supersede it such as education.

Many of us depending on your age experienced the DARE program which used a combination of fear and education to steer kids away from substances, however we now know it’s not that effective. My take on the situation as I’ve given so much thought is that a well built foundation of trust and moral ethics at home and a thorough education on basic biology would be a good starter. These 2 could be the link that have been overlooked.

Cannabis News TodayNow many of us have heard of stories of the perfect family, kids are well raised, respectful and kind. All around covers the idea of a healthy home life between parents and their children. Some how we still see some of those kids from those perfect families end up using a substance. Is it because home life is destructive, no not that, is it because the kids were poorly raised, nope not that either. Often these are interesting cases to look at because it can show us the other perspective one that breaks the generic mold of drug use and abuse.


It shows us that sometimes people use substances out of curiosity. Why do we do or use anything in this world, generally because it makes us feel good. This would be a great place to start teaching kids how their brains and body work and why they seek a specific stimulation. Addiction and the current medical understanding of it needs to be re-evaluated in my opinion to at the least acknowledge that there’s a strong biological connection to using any substance. 

This has been cannabis news today, Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time

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