Teens Get Sick From THC

Why Are People Getting Sick From THC

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Welcome back everyone thanks for joining me today in a weekly round up of cannabis news now and so much more. Today’s major headlines show us much of the same headlines, cannabis use on the rise some publications hinting at COVID lockdowns being the reason while others point to legalization efforts being the cause but perhaps both have contributed to it.

It shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that cannabis use is rising across the nation, especially while law makers discuss frame work for legalization. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I believe theres global interests behind all the cannabis talk today, what the purpose is no one knows but I sense the cannabis and hemp agricultural industry may have something to do with it.

As you may have heard over the years hemp and cannabis have many uses and I’ve bounced around the idea that governments are beginning to really consider the wide use and implementation of hemp derived products in every facet of living where applicable. Why you may ask, well look at where we are as a civilization we have abused the planet to incredibly unsustainable limits and maybe weed and hemp are here to save the day and save us from ourselves. The idea could be due to the wide use of hemp which can lead the world into an era of building for longevity and sustainability that includes resources and how everything is made.

So that is the idea of global acceptance of hemp and cannabis and the bigger picture of why so many are smoking now then ever before. The mere acceptance by state governments to now other countries in Europe and Asia makes for a pretty big social perception shift on cannabis as a whole.

Now the main headline for today is about how teens have been using cannabis from very early ages of 14 to their present age, the story is taken from the perspective of Ellyse a young lady who started using cannabis oil vapes at 14 and now at the age of 18 suffers from multiple different issues from constant vomiting to anxiety and more. After many visits to the E.R. she was diagnosed with a rare syndrome associated with chronic cannabis use. The story was very one sided, the syndrome itself suggests it’s uncommon and only happens to very few people. 

The bottom line is all cannabis products out today are high in THC low in cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, CBA etc. The article suggests the weed is too potent and it’s leading to harmful effects on young people who use them frequently.

Articles are here

Teens and THC

Cannabis Use Syndrome called Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) for anyone interested in doing more reading on that.

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