Road To Sustainable Food And Healthy Living

The Road To Sustainable Healthy Food: Dr. Michael Fenster

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If you care about your health, what you eat and what goes into your food you will find this episode helpful to better understand what to avoid and how to live a healthier life moving foward.

Welcome back every one thank you for joining me in today’s episode of The Daily Dose, today we have on a special guest, “You are MORE than what you eat! Chef Dr. Mike; Cardiologist, Professional Chef, and Prof. of Culinary Medicine explores the food experience!”

He has authored multiple books such as Ancient Eats and Eating Better Living Better you can find his books here Dr. Michael Fenster’s Books

You may also find his work on Psychology Today. In todays episode we’ll discuss many things about the work he does surrounding the “food experience” as he likes to call it, as a doctor he has observed and worked closely with peers to better understand the way food effects us today. As you know much of the world’s food is processed, it’s been like this a long time and it’s purpose all about productivity and meeting sky rocketing demand. The idea that food can be medicine isn’t new as ancient civilizations have been known to use plant medicines but it’s the first time we hear a professional like Dr. Michael Fenster share with us just how much we have deviated from the planets natural food matrix.

The methodology for agriculture today is a sign of the many problems we face as a society, should be evident that if the method destroys the eco system of the soil that it’s time to find a more sustainable way to grow food. Yet here we are embroiled in politics, in fighting and a lack of interest from those who can legislate for a better tomorrow.

Food is survival, so it should go without saying that this matter should have the highest of priority. The reality is we have many special interests with a powerful motive to profit on our biological responses to the foods engineered today. That’s a fact, though I’ve had my own suspicions for years about the addictive nature of highly processed foods, Dr. Fenster made it clear of the methods and scientific approach to how and why these foods are made this way which a real eye opener.

Thanks for reading, listening or watching.

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