Daily Dose Podcast March 3rd Dangers Of Delta 8 And New CA Vape Tax

Cannabis Kratom And Vape News Now

Cannabis And Kratom News Now

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The Weekly Round Up

Welcome everyone today’s episode is covering much of what was missed the past week as I’ve been dealing with tax returns for the shop and rebranding the social accounts and business. There few things mentioned in this episode relating to updates on cannabis specifically Delta 8 THC products and a question around the safety which we will dive into the article and cover.

Cannabis News Kratom News Now

The next part talks about kratom regulation as we have seen a growing push towards legalization while others attempting to ban it altogether, in the state of Wisconsin a push to legalize was abandoned this week due to concerns and letters sent into the legislating bodies by law enforcement and state medical agency’s.

The conclusion

Ofcourse the last bit covers the new state tax on vapes here at home, state of California sent me an update recently stating a new excise tax will be imposed soon and requires new licensing for it. All this and more in today’s episode.

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