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The King of Kratom is here to take the throne and claim his stake as the best, purest kratom. This highly sought-after King Kratom extract comes in powdered form 1oz bags. It’s 5:1 extract is by far the best value around for kratom extract, combine that with the bulk quantity and price it’s unbeatable. Perfect for those seeking a fast acting, reliable but mild kratom extract. 

Supplement Facts:

  • 28 Grams Of Powder
  • 5:1 Leaf Kratom Extract
  • Made by OPMS
  • Lab Reports Available Upon Request

Kratom Extract Powder

The King of Kratom is here to take the throne and claim his stake as the best, purest kratom. This is why King Kratom is proud to introduce the five members of its Royal Family. These five products prove that quality over quantity is what truly matters.

5:1 Extract

This highly sought-after King-Kratom-extract comes in a convenient powdered form in 1oz size. Additionally, customers can purchase the extract in an encapsulated form, which comes in 20ct, 60ct, and 120ct bottles, perfect for everybody from occasional to everyday kratom users.

Supplement Facts:

  • 28 Grams Of Powder
  • 5:1 Leaf Kratom-Extract
  • Made by OPMS
  • Lab Reports Available Upon Request
King Kratom Extract Powder 1oz

Discover the potency and quality of King Extract Powder! Whether you’re a seasoned kratom user or new to the experience, King-Kratom offers a powerful and effective option with its extract powder. Choose between the convenient 1 oz or the more extensive 4 oz sizes to suit your needs. Experience the potent benefits of high-quality kratom-extract powder today. Visit King-Kratom’s website to explore your options and enhance your wellness journey with a premium kratom product!


What is Kratom Powder?

Extract Powder is a high-quality kratom product available in powder form. It’s an extract derived from the Mixed Vein Maeng Da strain and is known for its potent effects due to the concentration process it undergoes. This extract is approximately four times stronger than the Maeng Da powder it originates from​.

What Sizes Are Available for Extract Powder?

This extract Powder is available in one size: a 1 oz powder bag.

Can Extract Powder Be Purchased in Capsule Form?

Yes, apart from the powder form, this extract is also available in capsules. The capsule variant comes in different quantities: 20ct, 60ct, and 120ct bottles, providing options for different user preferences and needs​​.

What are the Benefits of Using Extract Powder?

Extract Powder is known for its high mitragynine content, providing a potent and effective kratom experience. It is sought after for various benefits, including enhanced mood, pain relief, and increased energy. However, it’s important to use this product responsibly and in moderation due to its strength​​.

Is Extract Powder Lab Tested?

Yes, the manufacturer takes pride in the quality of its products. Each batch of Extract Powder undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure its freshness and high quality. This ensures that users receive a safe and effective product​​.
FDA Label

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King Kratom

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  1. Walter

    Great kratom extract powder, for the price you can’t beat it and its certainly better long term compared to pre capsulized kratom extracts. Shipped really fast highly recommend

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