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Why Is My Cart Vape Not Working Answered

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Welcome back everyone hope your having a fantastic day today’s segment is Your Questions Answered by Me and it’s regarding a common issue for all vapers and stoners alike.
I want to share with you a few tips that have helped me save time, money and energy when it comes to these cart battery’s. Now that there many ways to consume cannabis the most common way has become prefilled oil carts, they are super simple and effective on many levels.
To operate one of these carts you need a battery, common battery’s are 510 threaded battery’s and many people including you have thrown away dollars by not following a few simple steps because no one ever told you.
Every battery is virtually the same if made to it’s specifications size or MAH so why do they keep “breaking” or “dying”
In this segment I’ll share with you the few tips that have allowed me to extend the life of the cart battery I use by years and in return I save lots of money now you can too.
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