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FDA Juul Ban & Kratom Consumer Protections

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FDA Juul Ban And Kratom Protections Act News Today

FDA Brings Forth Change Against Vapes

Welcome back everyone thanks for joining me today we are doing a weekly round up on all things cannabis, vape, and kratom. The headlines have been filled with content, some useful and some not.

One of the most notable pieces of news was that Juul Labs had been ordered by the FDA to hault sales just about 2 weeks ago, I thought of you guys and I wish I had uploaded it right then and there but couldn’t. For all you Juul lovers the future looks dim for the ecigarette giant out of the bay area.

It’s rise into fame and nationwide dominance was swift but appears it’s downfall is just as fast, the FDA had noted several concerns about their products and determined that they be banned citing that the products did not show they are helping public health.

As a vapor myself I immediately remembered the hundreds of people I’ve helped to stop smoking cigarettes via vaping. How is this not considered good for public health.

The news was reported on June 23rd, 2022 followed by another article and report the very next day showing that Juul had submitted an appeal and actually won by court decision.

In short it means they’ll be able to continue selling their product for now. As some may know the Juul 2 was supposed to be released this year as it has done so well over seas but thats seemingly unlikely.

FDA Juul Ban

FDA And The Kratom Consumer Protections Act

Next piece covers a specific fact about the cannabis industry and it’s simple. The industry is being over taxed and the burden is about to be lifted here in the state of California as law makers consider lowering the excise tax on all cannabis purchases.

This is great because you can finally start saving some money, the legal weed era has left many of us with a bitter taste as we reminisce about the amazing medical era.

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Also we will talk a little about the efforts of the American Kratom Association, the bill called Kratom Consumer Protection Act has been circulating around the nation thanks to the AKA and recently they tweeted their disappointment as Missouri Governor vetoed the bill eliminating any protections for adult users of the plant based solution.


What was the notable news about Juul Labs and the FDA?

The notable news about Juul Labs and the FDA was that Juul Labs had been ordered by the FDA to halt sales approximately two weeks ago. This decision raised concerns about the future of the popular e-cigarette brand.

Why did the FDA order Juul Labs to halt sales?

The FDA ordered Juul Labs to halt sales due to several concerns about their products. The FDA determined that Juul’s products did not demonstrate they were helping public health, which led to the decision to ban their sales

How did the news of Juul Labs’ ban affect its customers?

The news of Juul Labs’ ban created uncertainty and a sense of dim prospects for the company among its customers, especially for those who were avid Juul users. The ban raised questions about the future availability and accessibility of Juul products.

Did Juul Labs succeed in challenging the FDA’s decision?

Yes, Juul Labs submitted an appeal and won a court decision in their favor. This means that, for the time being, they will be able to continue selling their products. However, it’s important to note that the situation may still evolve in the future.

Was the release of Juul 2 affected by the FDA’s decision?

Yes, the release of Juul 2, which was originally planned for this year, is now uncertain due to the FDA’s decision and the subsequent legal proceedings. The outcome of the court decision may have implications on the release of Juul 2 in the United States.

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