Current Cannabis Laws Hurt Americans

How Current Cannabis Laws Effect Us All As States Legalize And Employers Struggle With Confusion

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We have all tolerated the ridiculous laws regarding cannabis prohibition for decades some even longer as we have had to hide our favorite pass time from the world, now a days people are lighting up every where and it’s clear legalization is coming. If we take a moment to analyze the current laws and cover some articles in today’s podcast episode I will reveal some of these long standing issues.

Many of us are familiar with the wrongful imprisonment of cannabis users and the effect it’s had on the population going back decades. That is probably the most talked about issue regarding cannabis law but there others as well. Some of the confusion among states are regarding the drug screening and determinations of intoxication while at work, I have my opinion about it as I’m sure you have yours.

So what are some of these confusions and more importantly what are some of the major issues with the laws for cannabis as it stands today. All this and more in today’s episode where I’ll cover the main articles of today and give you a piece of my mind while I’m at it.

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