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Visa Threatens Cannabis & Related Business With Unspecified Action For Using Network To Sell Cannabis

To listen to the full episode try the link below–Related-Business-With-Unspecified-Action-For-Using-Network-To-Sell-Cannabis-e1bls12

Welcome back everyone to Wickedsources The Podcast Im your host Mike from LA and every week I bring you cannabis new info that can effect you and alternative products that can bring a little comfort to your life.

Today’s article was from Marijuana Moment a publication I use to stay informed of recent changes in our awesome community of smokers, tokers, vapers and stoners.

It discusses a specific memo sent out to Visa’s clients in the processing sector informing them of unspecified enforcement action for allowing cannabis businesses and headshops to use their payment network under a guise.

All this and more in today’s episode of Know Your Cannabis.

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Want to listen to the full episode heres the link again–Related-Business-With-Unspecified-Action-For-Using-Network-To-Sell-Cannabis-e1bls12

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