New York First 100 Cannabis Stores

New Yorkers With Prior Cannabis Convictions Get First Dibs On First 100 Weed Stores In NY

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Today’s episode is looking into the article regarding new cannabis stores opening in New York, the governor of New York announced it’s part of the plan to give back to the individuals within communities effect the most by the war on drugs. The amount of people who have suffered due to these laws are far too many for this initiative to satisfy. We are talking tens of thousands or more people over the course of decades.

So the details of the so called giveaway are in the podcast and will shed light on the fact that this doesn’t go far enough to satisfy the very large number of individuals who have lost their enitre lives.

Yet it’s a step closer to rectifying the wrongs of the past and may be the stepping stone to find new and innovative ways to give back to these communities who have been wronged for far too long.

Going deeper into the episode I recently spoke with a representative from Bank Card USA a payments processor, the company between you and the retailer for every single card transaction that takes place.

I had been refused service because of the nature of my products sold, nothing illegal but based on terms of service they could not offer me service anymore after 2017 nearly 6 years of history as legit retailer.

The rep insisted he can get me approved but I was reluctant you can learn more about the story behind this in the episode.

Thanks for listening to the Daily Dose Podcast.

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