Benefits Of Kratom Studies Show It Helps

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Benefits Of Kratom The Studies Don’t Lie


Today we are closely looking at a blog post that informed the public of a lecture being conducted to speak on the benefits of kratom use. This blog post was published early April and the lecture was for April 25th, 2022 so this has already come and gone. I some how missed this but the importance of it is what truly matters.

Benefits Of Kratom Explored

The lecture itself was conducted by Dr. McCurdy reported to be an expert on kratom and is a professor at the school of medicine in the state of Florida. Not much has been found on the actual lecture as I continue to search for any additional info as to who came and what was spoken about.

The specific point of topic was how kratom benefits those who abuse opioids and how it helps with withdrawal symptoms. Though much of this is already well known by now it is great to see medical professionals speak positively about kratom.

The Info

The main point I like to make is that plant sciences are very important when we put up barriers for study we harm ourselves and prevent growth in an area that could benefit everyone.

Case and point here is none other than cannabis and ofcourse psychedelics as well both of which if allowed to have been studied without barriers could have yielded many beneficial applications by now so in other words we are definitely stunted terms of our understanding.

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Conclusion: Kratom Education Must Expand

What is great about this lecture is that it was supported by the NIH and spoken of as beneficial therapeutic applications, this is different from the bashful words usually used by medical professionals when asked about kratom.

There have been many professional who have repeatedly addressed kratom as a dangerous plant with little evidence to justify it. This is why I bring up this lecture today to point out that this is positive and may lead to more open discussions around plant based solutions.

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What was the topic of the lecture conducted by Dr. McCurdy on kratom benefits?

The specific topic of the lecture was the benefits of kratom use for individuals who abuse opioids and how it helps with withdrawal symptoms.

When was the lecture on kratom held?

The lecture on kratom was scheduled for April 25th, 2022.

Who conducted the lecture on kratom?

The lecture was conducted by Dr. McCurdy, an expert on kratom and a professor at the school of medicine in Florida.

Was the lecture supported by any organization?

Yes, the lecture was supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

What is the significance of this lecture on kratom?

The lecture is significant as it presents a positive perspective on kratom and its potential therapeutic applications. It may lead to more open discussions around plant-based solutions for various medical issues.

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