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Kratom Banned In Mississippi State What Now

Kratom Banned Officially Mississippi State

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The News

A lot happening on a Friday morning here in the big U.S. of A today’s episode is covering a few things that I was interested in. First up we have Mississippi state banning kratom while on the other hand legalizing Medical Cannabis. To me this seemed odd and I do express this in the podcast episode.

Kratom Banned

More Stories

Next was a story about banking reform amendments surrounding cannabis industry and there was surprising good news on this front but we still have some ways to go as it is still a waiting game.

The Info

Kratom banned isn’t a new headline and often is discussed privately among state leaders. The constant pressure from private interests want to see this go away, far away to never return. I’ve said it many times legalizing cannabis took forever.

Does it make sense to ban one and legalize the other, it’s clear both have medicinal value for people. Anyone looking at this kratom banned story objectively ought to know this decision to ban is not in the best interest of people. Though we have taken a step forward with legalizing cannabis it is effectively taking us two steps backward with a ban on kratom.

Kratom Banned

Those that use this supplement understand better than anyone how effective and safe it is. When extreme measures are taken without taking time to investigate thoroughly it can lead to decades of suppression. This is much like cannabis’ story from the beginning. Kratom banned in one state or another may not seem like it would effect you much. However if we don’t speak up nationwide any time this is up for a vote in any given state within the union then in a short while the story of kratom banned may reach every corner.

By then it’ll be too late and very little could be done to reverse, remember this is what was seen through history regarding cannabis. Yet all of a sudden 2020 and it’s now relevant and critical to legalize. I mean really guys, not upset about it I consume cannabis, but the feelings remain the same. Kratom banned nationwide is a serious threat long term.

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