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Pain Management With Doctor Mitchell Yass

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Pain Management And What To Know Before Surgery


Welcome back everyone in today’s episode we’ll be diving into the world of pain management, I have a special guest who will guide us on this journey, Dr. Mitchell Yass. In this hour long conversation we discuss many things from the causes of related issues, to differentiating the areas effected.

In his long tenure Dr. Yass has helped thousands of people and has thirty years of experience on the topic. He has written 3 books and has had a PBS special on the matter.

Pain Management What To Know Now

The Man Behind The Story

You can find Dr. Mitchell on Youtube @Dr. Mitchell Yass where he talks about his method, you may also find his website useful @

I like many suffer from chronic pains, in the knees, lower back and shoulders. The number of Americans who can relate are staggering close to 130 million to be exact, statistic is provided by the NIH. What we’ve been taught and conditioned to accept is that pain is inevitable and forever.

Our guest however will educate us like he has so many before about the nature of this illness, the most likely causes, the inefficiencies of MRI to diagnose correctly the cause plus much more.

Pain Management With Doctor Yass

I managed to squeeze in some questions I was curious about because if we can reduce or eliminate such symptoms before it gets worse we are less likely to end up in surgery later on in life, plus the learned skills of how to better identify the root of the cause when we experience something similar in the future.

It’s about preventative care because it’s true medicine makes for a good business and sick people return more often than healthy ones.

Dr. Mitchell opened up with a quote from the father of medicine Hippocrates it went like this, “The cause of symptoms can easily be identified by interpreting the body’s presentation of those symptoms” it is this and his great courage that led him to develop the Yass Method.

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Thanks for watching or listening hope this has been useful in some way, if your one of the millions of people suffering from pain please hear him out it won’t cost you anything but it may help.


Who is Dr. Mitchell Yass and what is his expertise?

Dr. Mitchell Yass is a renowned expert in pain management. With over thirty years of experience, he has helped thousands of individuals dealing with pain. Dr. Yass has written three books on the topic and has even had a PBS special dedicated to it. His expertise lies in understanding the causes of these illnesses and differentiating the affected areas.

Where can I find Dr. Mitchell Yass on YouTube and what does he discuss?

You can find Dr. Mitchell Yass on YouTube by searching for @Dr. Mitchell Yass. On his channel, he shares valuable insights and information about his management method. His videos cover a wide range of topics related to pain, including its nature, likely causes, and the limitations of MRI in accurately diagnosing the underlying cause.

What is the website for Dr. Mitchell Yass?

Dr. Mitchell Yass’s website can be found at It provides additional resources and information about his management approach, offering guidance to those seeking relief from chronic pain.

How many Americans are estimated to suffer from chronic pain?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an estimated 130 million Americans experience chronic physical illnesses. This statistic emphasizes the widespread prevalence of chronic pain and highlights the need for effective management strategies.

What is the Yass Method developed by Dr. Mitchell Yass based on?

The Yass Method, developed by Dr. Mitchell Yass, is based on the principle that the cause of symptoms can be identified by interpreting the body’s presentation of those symptoms. Dr. Yass believes in understanding the root cause and aims to provide individuals with the necessary tools to identify and address the underlying issues, potentially reducing the need for surgical interventions later in life.

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