Rescuing Jill MDMA Therapy May 20th 2022

MDMA Therapy For PTSD With Jill Sitnick

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MDMA Therapy For PTSD


Today we will discuss mental health and emotional health in our society with our special guest author Jill Sitnick, she has had quite the life and had been diagnosed with PTSD, she was reluctant to believe it but the evidence that continued to present itself was compelling enough to change her mind.

In this episode she’ll dive into her most intimate memories as a child to uncover traumas of the past, it is where she discovered for the first time that the PTSD diagnoses was in fact true.

Through the help of her care giver and medical professional she was turned on to the possibility of exploring psychedelics.

She had never considered it an option but with time running out and the feeling of urgency increasing Jill finally took the leap and spent months researching and learning about this space before making the commitment.

MDMA Therapy Explored

Therapy And Psychedelics

Every day tens of millions of people around the world suffer from symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, suicidal tendencies, PTSD and more. For many of these individuals it’s been a hopeless cycle of trialing new medicines that either help a little or make things worse.

The underlying cause is never talked about, psychedelics offer that window into yourself that often is blocked off by emotional trauma or protective barriers, controlled therapy being one of them.

The experience with psychedelics for therapy is showing better and better results at doing just that, enabling those who seek it to discover for the fist time the route cause of their psychological and emotional pain.

Just like Jill many people are waking up to the possibility that they too can heal if the correct tools are provided.

In the research studies shared by it clearly has some validity as many PTSD patients undergoing treatment are later in just a few sessions being declared as no longer qualifying for the program as their symptoms dissipate over time.

MDMA Therapy Explored For PTSD

Conclusion: Psychedelic Therapy

Remarkable to think that in a few sessions something like generational scars can be undone in less than a year. Painful scars from 20 years ago beginning to heal with a few sessions isn’t the only thing that’s notable, the fact that through integration many people can continue living productive happy lives after treatment and not requiring more, speaks volumes too.

Thanks for watching or listening to today’s Daily Dose on the benefits of psychedelic medicine and MDMA Therapy For PTSD.


Who is the special guest author discussing mental and emotional health in society?

The special guest author discussing mental and emotional health is Jill Sitnick, who has had a personal experience with PTSD.

How did Jill Sitnick come to accept her PTSD diagnosis?

Jill Sitnick was initially reluctant to believe her PTSD diagnosis but eventually accepted it as the evidence supporting it became compelling.

What led Jill Sitnick to explore psychedelics as a therapeutic option?

Jill Sitnick was introduced to the possibility of exploring psychedelics by her caregiver and medical professional as a potential means to address her mental health issues.

What are some of the conditions these methods are being considered to treat?

Psychedelics are being considered for the treatment of conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, and more.

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