Cannabis News Now May 28th 2022

Cannabis Tax Continues To Grow My Thoughts

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Welcome thanks for joining me today, on this Daily Dose I want to discuss in a rapid fire manner various pieces of cannabis news now specifically bringing your attention to how much emphasis is placed by publications the tax revenue generated by all the recent states going legal.

I bring it up because I find it interesting how that is the most published topic surrounding cannabis, though yes other aspects and benefits of cannabis legalization are discussed but week after week there is a concerted effort to show us how much your state is making off the decision of opening the legal weed market.

There other pieces of articles such as Japans ministry of health or something announced an interest in exploring medical cannabis which is huge as Japan has been a zero tolerance country on drugs for a very long time, it lead me down a rabbit hole of ideas surrounding the future of cannabis globally.

I continue to search for great guests in professional backgrounds relating to cannabis or plant based medicines to bring onto the podcast so we can actually speak with someone who has greater insight into what is going on behind the scenes of the cannabis world. Through these interviews we can discover and learn so much about what is never shown or spoken about in sounds bytes provided by traditional media.

So heres a call to action, if you are one of these professionals in the cannabis or plant based medicines world contact me, would appreciate the opportunity to speak with people who are well versed and can teach me and others listening about these areas of interest.

Thanks for listening or watching

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