MDMA for depression

Elon Tweets Psychs Work Better The Daily Dose

Elon Musk Tweets Benefits Of Psychedelics

A day or so ago Elon Musk tweeted a comment on the destructive nature of mental health care and the drugs associated with them. This ofcourse broke the internet once again as all major publications report on it in a negative light painting a picture that Elon is some how in the wrong for sharing an opinion. Today’s Daily Dose is sponsored by┬ácannabis delivered fast SAVE 40% OFF Your Entire Purchase USE CODE: DAILY @ Checkout.

Connecticut Approves Psilocybin Bill

Psilocybin And MDMA Bill Passed In Connecticut For Veterans Treatments That Help Depression

The psychedelic revolution is continuing forward with new treatments using ketamine, MDMA and Psilocybin. All these have shown incredibly positive results for those seeking relief from depression, anxiety and more. Yesterday March 18th Friday 2022 Connecticut lawmakers passed a bill allowing facilities to be built in the state to facilitate these treatments specifically targeting veterans first. All this and more in today’s episode of The Daily Dose Podcast

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