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Benefits Of Psychedelics Elon Musk Tweets

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Benefits Of Psychedelics Elon Tweets


A day or so ago Elon Musk tweeted a comment on the destructive nature of mental health care and the drugs associated with them. This ofcourse broke the internet once again as all major publications report on it in a negative light painting a picture that Elon is some how in the wrong for sharing an opinion.

Since when do we hold the authority to censor someone because they have an opinion or is this merely what happens to those who hold so much influence such as Musk to move markets in less than a day or to piss off the internet with his ideas of how things should be for the greater good.

Benefits of Psychedelics Explored

The Man Elon

Not many can get away with these antics online but it seems Elon is well versed in the media and is able to dodge often times what would be considered a PR nightmare with great ease, he just shrugs it off like it’s nothing.

In this instance there are a number of data points that show us he isn’t wrong but in fact correct in the opinion he and many of us who are advocates for improving mental health and exploring alternatives share. The drugs associated with depression or anxiety are addictive and harmful and worse for some not effective at all. The benefits of psychedelics are now being revealed to the whole world.

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The Tweet That Shook The World

He points this out in his tweet “I have spoken with many more people who have seen incredible results using ketamine therapy versus Wellbutrin” this did not go well for the internet as many people who are advocates of Big Pharma quickly took position against what he tweeted.

The data is available for everyone to see, these clinical trials of psychedelic therapy are proving to work far better, but the greater question is why isn’t any of the multinational medicine company’s jumping all over this opportunity to help people worldwide. It’s clear the benefits of psychedelics have huge potential in helping with mental health.

It’s been obvious for so long that we live in a sick care society where your well being is not the goal or objective it’s profits it’s always been profits, if we took the time to look around us it’s visible everywhere.

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Have psychedelics helped people?

Yes, there many different types that have been used over the years and more so in long term studies. Some of the uses have been for: PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction and so much more, success rates have increased dramatically over the years.

Are all psychedelics dangerous?

Not exactly, some for sure while others require some guidance or experience.

How can I participate in a study?

You may find more info about joining any open studies at maps.com

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