Psilocybin Making Break Throughs In Mental Health

Psilocybin Is Making Break Throughs: Mental Health

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Welcome everyone thanks for joining me today it was a great morning waking up to see more positive news arise from the research conducted relating to Psilocybin mushrooms. The title says it all and was reported by CNN today, the reality is setting in and people are waking up to these alternatives.

It’s nice to see the professional medical and scientific community is also coming around, there many implications if something doesn’t give and what I mean is an individuals mental or emotional health matters but when disregarded for long periods of time it begins to manifest in awful ways effecting the quality of life for that person and everyone around them as well.

The article points out a few key details such as the studies showing people under going monitored treatment of psilocybin saw remarkable changes within 2 sessions. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of rapid results if we take a look at MDMA therapy that too has shown similar results when comparing recovery times.

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