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Cannabis Law Passes Employers Can’t Fire You

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Key Take Away

  1. Nationwide changes are modernizing drug screening laws to protect legal cannabis users’ employment rights.
  2. The new FDA bill mandates detailed disclosure on supplement labels, increasing industry transparency.
  3. Manufacturers must substantiate health claims with scientific evidence, enhancing consumer trust.
  4. The bill stipulates harsher penalties for failing to meet the new labeling standards, ensuring compliance.
  5. These legal changes signify a shift towards greater societal acceptance of cannabis and informed consumer choices.

New Cannabis Law Protecting Marijuana Users

Welcome back everyone to another episode of The Daily Dose today we are catching up on various articles of news and diving into the twitterverse for a bit. Some of the major headlines last 24hrs around cannabis were relating to Thailand decriminalizing cannabis for medical use only at this time.

It’s odd that multiple publications covered this story but it isn’t a huge story, in fact it was first reported couple months back that the country was considering doing so. I must say sometimes the most important news never makes it to the top and it’s sad.

Cannabis Law And The FDA News Information Today

The next piece is relating to you, your job and cannabis use. Just as the title says Washington D.C. has passed a bill protecting workers from getting fired for testing positive on a drug screening. This is huge but requires more effort to get it passed nationwide that would be monumental.

Hard to believe it took so long the thought that alcohol is accepted by employers knowing how much performance can be effected by a hangover but cannabis no YOUR FIRED! Silly in my opinion and the THC laws in some places seem to agree. The next steps are to iron out more details and figure out how to get similar laws passed in other states. People shouldn’t lose their jobs especially if their performance was never in question.

Across the United States, a seismic shift in drug screening laws is underway, particularly affecting cannabis users. As more states legalize the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, lawmakers are reevaluating employment drug screening practices.

This change aims to protect individuals who legally consume cannabis outside of their employment from facing undue job-related consequences. Essentially, these legislative adjustments recognize the evolving legal landscape of cannabis use, ensuring that legal consumption does not unfairly penalize workers.

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Conclusion: Bill Is Approved

The revisions in drug screening laws and the introduction of the new supplement labeling bill reflect a broader societal and legal evolution. By acknowledging the changing status of cannabis and prioritizing consumer information in supplement purchases, these changes are pivotal.

They not only adapt to the current state of knowledge and societal norms but also pave the way for future policies that respect individual freedoms and consumer rights. These developments signify a commendable stride towards aligning laws and regulations with contemporary values and scientific advancements.

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Overview of the New Bill on Supplement Label Requirements

Finally the MPL situation, Congress is attempting to give more power to the FDA regarding dietary supplements in the US market. Some may want this and some may not but let me explain what this means and would encourage you to do more research as well to determine the best choice based on your informed opinion.

What Congress wants to do is make it mandatory for manufacturers of all dietary supplements which includes CBD, Kratom and many other Nootropics to make available and provide label info on products to be listed on a website hosted by the FDA.

In many instances I’d say sure thats good for transparency and good for consumers. On The other hand I can’t overlook the fact it’ll destroy any one too small much like how we saw in the vape industry with all the recent regulation it eliminated a lot of honest small businesses, now nicotine products prefilled and manufactured in China have moved in, most brands are directly made in China. So is this what we want for the dietary supplement world of plant medicines and solutions?

I guess the main question is how much reporting does the FDA want, what would the extent of this newly gained power be. Furthermore I worry it’ll drive prices up on these products and wouldn’t allow smaller players to grow if the cost is too high to comply with the new MPL requirements.

I believe it’s best to find middle ground for Congress, FDA and for manufacturers something that is reasonable and doesn’t destroy everything in it’s path but lays a foundation to operate by.

Heres the link if you want to send a prewritten letter by email to your congressman


How will the new drug screening laws affect cannabis users?

Legal cannabis users will be protected from employment discrimination based solely on their off-duty cannabis use, provided it doesn’t affect their work performance.

What are the main components of the FDA’s new supplement labeling bill?

The bill requires detailed labeling of ingredients, specifies the amount of each ingredient, and mandates scientific evidence for health claims.

How do these changes impact employers?

Employers will need to revise their drug screening policies to ensure they don’t penalize employees for legal cannabis use outside of work.

What does this mean for the dietary supplement industry?

Supplement manufacturers must be more transparent about their products, potentially leading to higher quality and safer products for consumers.

How can consumers benefit from these changes?

Consumers will have more information about the supplements they use and greater protection in the workplace regarding legal cannabis use.

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