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Some of the top cannabis news now that was of interest to me today were the concerns raised by many regarding the rescheduling of cannabis. A concern that made me think about it again and again. I realize that perhaps sounding the horn on this maybe due to the fact that decriminalization should be the only approach considered. There’s a vast difference between the two, let me explain

If the government decides to reschedule cannabis it means they’ll continue to control it under a new set of rules compared to the old ones.

If the government decides to decriminalize nationwide it gives freedom to a plant that has long been considered a controlled substance and we all know it’s not nearly as terrible as it has been made out to be.

There is a distinct advantage one has over the other so with this perspective I understand the concerns.

Gas Station Weed: The Future Of Commercial Cannabis

Top headline today, cannabis to be sold at Circle K gas stations starting next year, an agreement between Green Thumb and Circle K brings medical cannabis to Florida residents to increase accessibility and deliver convenience. Such an initiative is to be expected by large company’s who are foaming at the mouth waiting to get in some way some how.

You can read more here Cannabis Sold At Circle K

I mention some of the benefits of a move like this but also mention some of the dangers it will likely bring such as increased crime much like the recent story out of Southern California regarding a smash and grab at a dispensary. This isn’t the first nor last and over time these types of crimes may increase as accessibility grows.

The industry is maturing, this is the obvious next step and from there where we end up no one can say for sure. Read more about this story here Dispensary Robbed

Finally new research emerges concerning professionals of the psychosis people are exhibiting when dabbing concentrates, the numbers are growing and the data suggests high THC isn’t so great after all. Especially when the most important parts of cannabis are non existent in concentrates such as CBD these issues are likely to get out of hand.

You can read more about this cannabis news here Research Suggests High THC Is Bad

Cannabis News

Conclusion: My Thoughts On The Evolving Cannabis World

Everyday there’s something new being released regarding cannabis, cannabis legalization, decriminalization or something relating to the business overall. There is no better time to jump on the stoner band wagon, it’s legal now. To stay up to date with all this news coverage including content with exclusive guests consider subscribing to The Daily Dose

This has been cannabis new now, Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time


What is the main concern raised in the article regarding cannabis rescheduling and decriminalization?

The main concern raised in the article is the distinction between rescheduling cannabis and decriminalizing it. Rescheduling means the government will continue to control cannabis under new regulations, while decriminalization would grant more freedom to a plant that has long been considered a controlled substance.

How does rescheduling cannabis differ from decriminalizing it?

Rescheduling cannabis means subjecting it to a new set of regulations controlled by the government, while decriminalization involves removing criminal penalties for the possession or use of cannabis, allowing it to be treated more like a legal substance.

What is the top cannabis-related headline discussed in the article?

The top headline in the article is the agreement between Green Thumb and Circle K to sell medical cannabis at Circle K gas stations in Florida, increasing accessibility and convenience for residents.

What are some potential benefits and dangers associated with selling cannabis at gas stations, as mentioned in the article?

The benefits include increased accessibility and convenience for consumers. However, the dangers mentioned include the potential for increased crime, such as smash-and-grab incidents at dispensaries, as demonstrated by a recent incident in Southern California.

What is the concern regarding high THC levels in cannabis concentrates, as discussed in the article?

The article mentions emerging research showing that high THC levels in cannabis concentrates may lead to increased cases of psychosis. This is particularly concerning because many concentrates lack important components of cannabis, such as CBD, which might counterbalance the effects of THC.

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