Kratom Information On The Ban Unpacking Lies

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Kratom Information: The Ban


Many states have considered regulating kratom over the years with many more in discussion. Some have gone as far as mislabeling it and banning the plant based substance with fears surrounding it’s potential for abuse.

I want to discuss the facts around the ban, the mis-information used to push a specific narrative and help those who are curious about it by distinguishing differences between facts versus the scary story produced to the public.

Kratom Information And News

Kratom Education And News

There still millions yet to discover kratom a southeast Asian plant or tree, it has some genetic traits of coffee and has shown to help people with a multitude of use cases. Recently as of a day or two ago another state has unanimously voted to ban kratom prohibiting the sale of it within state lines, I’m talking about Mississippi.

The reasons sited for the ban were potential for abuse, literally 1 death claimed by the voting panel and it’s addictive possibilities in excessive users. Though this would be a cause for concern when involving death however the information behind the death does not indicate anything substantial relating to it.

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The Reported Deaths And More

Throughout the history of it’s use here in the states clearly shows us that if it were truly an issue we would have seen far more deaths. No death is acceptable however we have seen that all deaths supposedly tied to kratom have shown in the coroner reports that these individuals had many other substances in their system at the time of death and all those substances are in fact deadly.

I can say this much, kratom for a long time was considered a substitute for individuals struggling with opioid addiction or heroin addiction. Often times I’ve seen some go back and forth, for those who have died in these kratom related reports all of them had all substances in their system. It’s difficult from a scientific perspective to definitively say it was all related to this plant, that would be biased don’t you think. 

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The Ban And More Kratom Education

The recent kratom news and ban is another in a multi state push and to date we are currently at six total states who have banned it. The bias reporting needs to stop, if we are to acknowledge that kratom was in someone’s system at the time of death and disregard other substances then we are effectively saying science as a whole is whatever they say it is. Tell me is that a world you want to live in, truth must be at the for front of every discussion no matter what.


What is kratom?

Kratom is a tree from South East Asia, specifically Indonesia. It’s leaves have been used for centuries by common laborers for energy and pain relief.

Why are there efforts to ban it?

Kratom has been a controversial topic for years, in the beginning it was used primarily by opioid addicts or heroin addicts. As the success stories grew many more people discovered that it offers many benefits.

The lobbying primarily comes from large medicine companies as their profits have been declining over the years. Since many people have discovered an alternative to opiates it has become evident that profits will continue to decline for the foreseeable future.

The reasons for the ban are biased and the information available limited, lawmakers suggest it is unsafe for human consumption and has led to several deaths. Again very limited information is available as to whether or not these deaths were solely due to kratom use.

What is the mis-information around kratom?

Much of the media covers kratom as something dangerous and potentially deadly. The truth is even media doesn’t know what they are talking about. Research around kratom clearly shows it works for millions of people who use it regularly without issue.

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