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Mental Health Treatment: The Therapy Twins

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Mental Health Treatment: The Need For Reform

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The state of medicine is dire, we have spent billions on treating people for decades. The result is the same, people are still sick. Suffering from a multitude of physical and mental illnesses all of which continues to be dragged on with no end.

People conform and accept their illnesses and for some it may be serious enough that it may be the case forever. However for most there could be better treatment options, ones that can begin to heal not just treat.

Mental Health Treatment Today

Details On Mental Treatment

Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you the perspectives of The Therapy Twins, 2 sisters who had once embraced modern medicine. Presently they are critical of the system and are using the power of voice to speak out.

In this episode we discuss so much around what they have experienced in the world of health care providers including mental health.

The stories they share can be at times frightening, cringy or downright wrong as they describe the difficulties of navigating the system as providers to sharing the horrific story’s of their patients with deep traumas (no names mentioned per doctor/patient privilege).

Mental Health Treatment With Guests The Therapy Twins

The Conversation

Personally I enjoyed speaking with them, they weren’t on the show to sell their book or pump their brand but you can find their podcast here.

It felt sincere, as the conversation continued to dive deeper into other topics you can hear and see the passion in their voice, twin sisters who each of them in their own right brought thoughtful insights and facts to The Daily Dose.

All this to help you the reader, listener or watcher perspectives on the current state of mental treatment and America’s healthcare system, whether it be for physical ailments or psychological ones it’s clear we have a serious problem if we don’t make an effort as consumers to change.

All intentions start and end with the bottom line, if consumers understood the power they held then perhaps we would bring about a change to not just the healthcare system but for the wellness and prosperity for all people.

Mental Health Treatment The Breakdown


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What is the article’s introduction about?

The introduction sets the stage for the article, highlighting the dire state of medicine and the need for better treatment options.

What is the main issue discussed in this section?

This section discusses the billions spent on medicine and the ongoing suffering of people from various illnesses.

What does this section delve into?

This section provides more details on mental health treatment and introduces The Therapy Twins.

Who are The Therapy Twins, and what is their perspective on modern medicine?

The Therapy Twins are two sisters critical of the modern healthcare system. They share their experiences and views in this section.

What challenges are described in this section?

This section describes the difficulties faced by healthcare providers, including mental health professionals, and their patients.

What is the focus of this section?

This section discusses the need for better treatment options that can heal rather than just treat medical conditions.

What does this section discuss regarding mental health treatment?

The conclusion emphasizes the need for consumers to bring about change in the healthcare system for the wellness and prosperity of all.

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It’s to educate and to inform, when we are equipped with the correct info we can then make better informed decisions.

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